Our Projects

Hayges Solar Power Plant

It was established in order to monitor and record 4 solar power plants with an installed power of 1 MW in real time, and to evaluate the fault tracking quickly, easily, effectively and retrospectively. In order to be able to communicate wirelessly with each of the 20 inverters per MW, a total of 86 wireless devices, 4 in the facility and the SCADA center, were used.
  • PLC Group:  Wago Exreme Conditions
  • Solar Invertor Group:  Kaco Pawador
  • Network:  Wireless
  • SCADA:  Visu

Ghana Clean Water Treatment Plant

  • PLC Group:  Siemens S7-300 8 Sets
  • IO Group:  Siemens S7-300 8 Sets
  • HMI:  Siemens Comfort Panel 10 ″ 8 Set
  • SCADA:  Siemens WinCC, Redundant Servers, Clients
  • Cabinets:  EAE Modular
  • LV Distribution LV Panels:  EAE Panel Master Form4B
  • MCC Boards:  EAE Modular
  • Instruments:  Krohne
  • Switchgear Materials:  Schneider
  • Network: Weidmuller, ring type
  • Other Equipment:  Weidmuller

Sema HEPP Open Channel Flow Read-Rec. SCADA System

Level, speed and flow information of the 6x8x14000 mt power plant water channel, including in the regulator and forebay, were transferred wirelessly to the SCADA System in the powerhouse. It is aimed to evaluate the turbine efficiency with instant data of regulator and loading flow information and power plant production information. In addition, with retrospective reporting, how much production was made and how much water was consumed at what hours can be compared. Laser Doppler equipment was used to detect the velocity of the water passing through the channel.

Timay Tempo Silverline

Two units from the same line were commissioned and delivered to the factory.

  • PLC and Switchgear:  ABB
  • Sensors: Omron
  • Cabinets:  EAE
  • Drive:  ABB
  • HMI:  Beijer

Pfiffner Transformer

The heating and vacuum process data of 7 transformer drying and 16 transformer curing furnaces are recorded via wireless communication, and the process type applied in the relevant furnace, start and end dates, process values ​​and the serial code of the relevant transformer are transferred to the databases. In this way, an easy and effective quality policy is carried out in the factory.

– Bagram Airport Waste Water Treatment System – Bagram/AFGHANISTAN

– Afyon State Hospital Energy Automation – Afyon

– Emek Elektrik Furnace Temperature, Vacuum and Oil Drying System SCADA System- Ankara

– Azerigaz Caspian Sea Oil Platform Energy Automation Scada System – Baku Azerbaijan

– Pfiffner Transformer Oil Disposal Machine Automation System – Ankara

– Pfiffner Transformer Furnace Temperature, Vacuum SCADA System- Ankara

– Timay-Tempo Semi-Automatic Assembly Conveyor Automation System – Amasya

– Dohuk Pumping Stations SCADA System – Dohuk/IRAQ

– Pfiffner Transformer APG Press Machine Automation System – Ankara

– Kasımpaşa Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium Field Floor Heating SCADA System – Istanbul

– Pfiffner Transformer Resin Dosing Machine Automation System – Ankara

– Semi-Automatic Medical Sterilization Roll Machine Automation System – Ankara

– Crescent 180 km, 7 stations LPG pipeline SCADA system, Northern Iraq

– Fully Automatic Dental Patient Gown Production Machine Automation System – Ankara

– İvedik OSB HM Office Business Center Mechanical Automation – Ankara

– Salihli Prison Mechanical Automation, Water Meter Reading and Automatic Cutting SCADA System – Manisa

– Erzincan Soda Factory Mechanical Automation – Erzincan

– Bingöl Young State Hospital Mechanical Automation – Bingöl

– Tunceli University Boiler Room Mechanical Automation – Tunceli

– Ministry of Customs Annex Building Mechanical Automation – Ankara

– Esenboğa Airport Foreign Kiosks Section Mechanical Automation – Ankara

– Mut State Hospital Energy Automation SCADA System – Mersin

– Ufuk University İncek Campus Mechanical Automation – Ankara

– Aselsan Akyurt Facilities Battery Rooms Fire Extinguishing Automation – Ankara

– TAİ Hangar Fire Extinguishing Automation – Ankara

– Pfiffner Transformer Coil Winding Machine Automation System – Ankara

– Ankara Metro Energy Automation Supervision Service – Ankara

– Cook Garbage Bag Labeling Machine Automation System and Integration – Ankara

– Emek Electric Coil Winding Machine Automation System – Ankara

– Emek Elektrik Capacitor Winding Machine Automation System – Ankara

– Ziraat Bank Ulus Branch Energy Automation – Ankara

– Dörtdivan Treatment Plant SCADA System – Bolu

– Elmadağ State Hospital Energy Automation SCADA System – Ankara

– Keskin Potable Water Treatment Transmission Lines SCADA System – Kırıkkale

– Adularya Thermal Power Plant Mechanical Automation (3 separate projects) Eskişehir

– Sandıklı Waste Water Treatment Plant SCADA System – Afyon

– Çamlıdere Kızılca Transmission Line SCADA System – Ankara

– İskilip State Hospital Energy Automation SCADA System – Çorum

– Pfiffner Transformer Automatic Toroidal Winding Machine Automation System –Ankara

– Şanlıurfa Prison Mechanical Automation, Water Meter Reading and Automatic Cutting SCADA System – Şanlıurfa

– Dedeman Hotel Mechanical Automation – Trabzon

– Adularya Thermal Power Plant Air Handling Units Data Collection Automation System – Eskişehir

– Ghana Clean Water Treatment Plant SCADA System – Ghana

– HEPP Loading Pool and Regulator Structure Open Channel Flow Reading, Recording Automation System – Kırıkkale, Karakeçili

– Ankara University Medium Voltage Compensation Test Center Automation System – Ankara

– Karakecili HEPP and Regulator Turbine Automation and SCADA System

– Bandırma Cement Factory SCADA System – Balıkesir

– Guris Switch Automation System-Ankara

– Batumi Stormwater Disposal Pumping Station Project AG, MCC and SCADA System – Batumi, Georgia

– Factory Synchronization and SCADA System – Dohuk, Iraq

– Turkmenistan Hospital Synchronization Boards and SCADA System (1 set for 4 different hospitals) – Turkmenistan

– Kırşehir Geothermal Heating and Hot Water Supply SCADA System – Kırşehir